IPMR Version 2.2 Functional Enhancements


IPMR version 2.2 is based on a 32-bit version of Microsoft Access which runs on Windows 95 and NT and later versions.  It requires a faster PC with more memory than version 1 (300MHz and 64MB RAM recommended).

It has a number of new functions beyond those provided by IPMR v2.1.  All new function developed for IPMR will be for this version. Win-Ring has been developed to run with IPMR v2


IPMR v2.2 enhancements summary


Installation and upgrade

·         New Installation Wizards to guide users through setting up new IPMR installation, to find existing files, or to restore from backups

·         Upgrades to IPMR databases when upgrading from IPMR v2.0 or v2.1 are automatically done without needing to use the Installation and Maintenance program.


Setup data

·         Menu item "Control" changed to "Setup" for clarity

·         Find function added to places selection form

·         Registered site code functions withdrawn

·         Euring 1979 county codes can still be stored, but have been replaced by current administrative boundaries for submission to BTO.



·         Data entry checking report now offered when leaving Captures data entry form and PND submission flag can be used to avoid submission until records checked.

·         Earliest capture record detail displayed in status bar for recaptures entered in Captures data entry form

·         “Field Record” record type replaces "Sighting" to allow for satellite, radio and RFID tags.

·         Import captures offer to create new places if no problems with place detail changes

·         New initial year of capture totals by species report.

·         OGC field accepts values from 0 through 10

·         Several new species can now have races assigned

·         Captures data entry field selection, auto-repeat and tabstop function enhanced and can also now be invoked from within the Captures data entry form.


Nest Records

·         Nest records effort recording function with data automatically included with submission file.

·         Validation of data entered into nest visits form checks for inconsistent data

·         Nest complete checkbox added for ease of use

·         Quick goto nest record number function added to nest visits form

·         Setup (control) data file added to nest records submission to allow easier import by group coordinator


Electronic Recovery Histories

·         Facility to download and import electronic recovery histories from the BTO


Submissions to BTO

·         Submissions to BTO now compressed into ZIP files to reduce size and avoid transmission errors caused by emailing

·         CES submission now requires all data from session summary including a new cloud cover field.  CES summary report is automatically included with CES annual submission.

·         Enhancements to RAS submissions.

·         Full moult data entry for captures

·         RAS summary report enhanced and is now automatically included with annual submission in a ZIP file.

·         Submission pending status can now be used for Captures to avoid submission to the BTO until data has been validated.  A validation report can optionally be printed when leaving the Captures data entry form.