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Problems with the current IPMR version


A number of bugs will unfortunately be present with each release of IPMR.

If you have a new problem (or a request for new function) then use the Contact Form enclosing full details.

When reporting a problem you should include as much information as possible on what you were doing and exactly what steps you had completed before the problem occurred. You should always quote the error message that was displayed as this gives the line number of the error as well as the type of error. If you didn't note down the exact error message then use Notepad or Wordpad to edit the IPMRERR.TXT file that you will find in the IPMR Application directory (C:\IPMR by default) and find the last message recorded there. 

There may be a pilot version of IPMR available. For simplicity and where function is not being changed significantly the fixed application will replace the download versions on this web site (rather than result in a new release).

If you are using a previous version then please download the current version. You're problem may already have been fixed in the new release. The IPMR Release History page will help to see if your problem has been fixed.