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IPMR 2.2 release

IPMR Function and Release History

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IPMR v2.4 (DB version 1.85, reference DB version 0.52) (latest changes at top of list)
Import nests fixed to import grid references and In and On fields correctly (12)
Observations report had colour marks added and sorted by date (12)
Observations form sorted by date(12)
Finder field visible for RCY and CTL (12)
Finder check not performed for CTL and RCY records (12)
Habitat 2 in place code repeat for Nest Record (12)
Optional Beep in Captures Warning form (11)
Clone Database function in Select Database (11)
Lookup Ring for Colour Ring Sighting from Captures form (10)
Euring code added to SQL Helper (10)
Captures change to  record ignores check on previous dead capture (9)
Set default weighing time to 00:00 for csv imports (8)
Upgrade from v1 databases fixed (8)
Ring information = U/I  doesn't require CMs to be added if before 1 Jan 2006 (7)
Ring information = M doesn't require colour marks to be added (7)
Fixed check for N record ytpe more recent than retrap (6)
Import Captures date exists and species change warning for four digit species codes in error (1)
Capture Recoveries standard report Year option selection of birds to display logic revised (1)
Added new Ring Series prefixes (0)
Updated some species codes/races (0)
Moult code B description updated in line with ringers’ bulletin article (0)
IPMR v2.3 (DB version 1.84, reference DB version 0.52) (latest changes at top of list)
Error when deleting nest records (6)
Added support for sihgtings of nasal saddles (6)
Added new finding circumstance codes for nasal saddles (6)
Checks that colour mark codes are present if Ring Information field indicates they should be present (6)
Setup Import Observers with Overwrite (5)
Import Capture warning about mismatch submitter <> allocated ignored for B-Ring imports (5)
Species difference on import captures ‘exists’ warning (5)
Set ring number on Capture DE fixed when updating age/sex (4)
Import Captures fixed check ring size to ignore if > 10 years old (3)
Import Captures form close – check source file exists (3)
HTDTE removed from Captures form code (2)
Changed all for year recoveries option to select records with original CTL and this year’s date (2)
Export importable csv – fixed CR fields by adding quotes (1)
Exclude conf places option in Setup Export (1)
Ring Series Merge allow merge of existing series (1)
Added Race code to Xtab (1)
Removed BR NRSTatus code (0)
IPMR v2.2 (DB version 1.84, reference DB version 0.52) (latest changes at top of list)
NR Import Birdid setting for no ring captures (8)
Import setup data check ring series (88)
Captures field setup – ring field required and null field error (88)
Place grid ref acc values validation added (87)
Setup data import allows hidden grid ref acc values (87)
Finder address auto removed spaces next to commas (87)
Grid ref set on NR subsite entry taking account of grid ref accuracy (87)
Warning message if try to create captures subsite from NR subsite and NR subsite > 6 characters (87)
Check for external submission file validation error if output file exsits (86)
CSR&P Selected capture reports query fixed (86)
Allow lower case striped colour mark entry (86)
CSR&P ring number selection also uses GetBirdid (86)
Annual totals report allows after 1950 (85)
Grid ref in NRC toggling visible true/false (85)
Datafix for Captures details records removed as not required (85)
Permission denied error on IPMR exit (85)
Prompt if changing date when weighing date already exists (84)
NRC Visits delete click field value error (84)
Fixed temp table create routine if no tables in DB (84)
Import Summary Report copes with zip filename format files (83)
Nest Records Single Species summary fixed (82)
Ring Series Invoice/Order function can create Import setup data file (81)
Recovery History Report fixing (79, 80)
Colour mark form fixed when striped ring type selected first (78)
First running after installation error fixed due to loss of Report manager reference (78)
Recovery history last page fixed (77)
Confidential schedule function fixed (76,77)
Allow in ‘ character in nest subsites (76)
Reattach table error 3078 ignored if pre-upgrade (76)
Pulli Ringed Alive function added record type E (75)
Export importable csv fixed MTHOD (75)
Fixed CharReplace (75)
Import captures update placename only reports no match in limited circumstances (75)
CaptReportRecoveries fixed selectlist create (74.76)
Allow striped colour marks for wing tags and neck collar (74)
Change F striped colour marks to U (74) (DBUpgrade to 1.84)
Setup Option change data folder avoid message about Browse button (74)
Check CR code – check for striped ring before leg flag due to ‘F’ colour (74)
Colour Mark fix if enter data into CRDisplay (73)
Fixed Import Captures of zip file Path/File access error (72)
Cross tabulation for captures does individual counts if BirdId+Count chosen (72)
BOMP capture submission fixed checking of project codes (72)
CRDisplay field now appears after adding to field setup from captures form (71)
Multiple captures function fixed to cope with some AA ring sizes (71)
Import Captures path/file access error (70)
Nest record project species list fixed (70)
Don’t hide project field for NR subsites (70)
NR box create subsite fixed project drop down fixed for BOMP (70)
Import captures place name update ignores blanks plus ,-.’ characters (70)
Check ring size updated for old records (70)
Add Rtype P to captures check for previous dead captures (69)
Consolidated all Capture fields into single table (68)
Main moult warning for non-full-PJ-Moult species if juvenille age codes (68)
CopyMultiple – fixed pulli insert statement fixed (68)
Nest Records import fixed (66)
CSR&P temp db changed to create file at IPMR start-up (66)
Control import allows all permitted grid ref accuracies for others’ places (66)
NRCard delete extra habitat codes if updated subsite has only one code (66)
CRDisplay cancel uses mysendkeys ESC (66)
BTO download error updated if no message returned from connection (66)
NR Subsites no longer need habitats in order to be used (66)
Import captures if ring alloc length ring series overlaps then try series length of 10 (66)
Import captures message if ring series not created (66)
Import LPPMLT field fixed (66)
Online usernames restricted to letters numbers and underscores (66)
NRC Subsite list fixed where duplicate sites shown if same subsite name across places (64)
Installation program now adds Optimise function for application DB (63)
Enhanced message in Import captures if no line count found in file (63)
ERH downloads function allows ‘loading’ of web downloaded files (63)
Captures Import setting Rtype turned on for RC and CTL records (63)
Colour Mark form keeps sunken ‘selected’ effect when selecting colour ring type (63)
Import captures always does consistency check (63)
Import BTO ERH no captures update if record in DB set to RES (63)
Captures submission sequence number held against permit number (not database name) (63)
Import Captures warnings message screen appears even when re-importing same file (62)
Reopening of Recaptures selection form fixed (62)
Recaptures report intervals fixed (62)
Nest building status codes error message fixed (62)
GridRef in NRSites and NRBox fixed for scheme setting logic (62)
UpdateCapturesRecord in Import Captures copes with field in CaptureDetails if no existing record (62)
Captures validation report fixed for new CapturesL form (61)
EstFirst Egg Date fixed if eggs and pulli on first visit (60)
CapturesL form created on first use to speed up starting data entry and to avoid application database bloating (60)
Temporary tables created in CSR&P now created in temporary files to avoid application database bloating (60)
Introduction of new html help file (60)
NRI submission flag supported from CaptMultiple (60)
Fixed find colour mark where multiple marks include wing tags (60)
FCP and MOV fields fixed in Edit Capture (60)
Ring Series Invoice/Order field introduced (60)
Installation program Vista compatible (59)
Enhanced text in ERH report for pulli (59)
Import field updated for BTO records even if record not imported to ensure bird part of ERH Report printout (59)
Colour Marks prompt to automatically added to subsequent captures (59)
Import Captures Date Exists check for ring2 and ring (59)
XTab delete correctly deletes query (59)
Backup only automatically prompted if update to database performed (59)
New "BTO" submission value for BTO Import records & BTO Import Overwrite then retain subm flag value for own records (59)
Annual totals report file fixed (59)
Fixed Data Fix 6 (NR Adult captures) (59)
Added Rinfo X & O (59)
Enter key behaviour on Captures form for R C & V set to No (59)
CSR&P Capture Records report blank pages (59)
Entry of Date Accuracy checks if RCY or CTL record before prompting for submission text (59)
Captures delete warning if record submitted – message requests ringer to email BTO with details (59)
Year end and Age specific totals function updated to function correctly if no AS totals present and report option selected (59)
MapMate export field usage updated (59)
Import Captures addes record to BTO download table for BTO imports (59)
Removed check to keep Place code in BTO import to allow for change of place for individual record (59)
CSR&P Recoveries Selection function added (59)
Added Scheme to Captures Recovery (59)
BTO recovery history report reset so movement not shown on first record (59)
Copy Multiple button always visible (59)
Fixed wordwrap (59)
Fixed View field error in NSR&P (59)
Import captures fixed record validation in IPMRChecks where place finding for place with no records (59)
Submitter permit field added to imports & CSR&P sql, cross tabulation and message if non matching to allocated-to for Ring Series in import warnings file (59)
CSR&P ‘Ring’ search includes Ring2 (59)
Record type inconsistency message avoided for dead pullus and same day retrap (59)
Upper case ring number in captures before creating new series (59)
Captures import no date issue for *Lost records causing type mismatch (59)
Default own species list set from default on startup (59)
PPMLT entry sets moult code to M where applicable (59)
Paging back on Recovery History report fixed (59)
Wing length comparator report added for evaluation (58)
Foreign ringing records import fixed (58)
Captures History report fixed printing to show ring numbers (58)
Sendkey package purchased to replace Sendkeys function (58)
Get Special Folder function changed to Windows Vista version (58)
Captures history report changed to fix printing to show ring numbers properly and handling of extra line of place details (58)
Export selected fields – own field names and date formatted to be just date and new date field added (58)
Ring2 got focus sets scheme2 to Own Scheme (58)
Checking report from Captures DE ignores changes made to previously entered records (58)
Captures data entry list style date not lost if Esc pressed twice (58)
Validate nests for species being present enhanced (57)
Capture Selection report blank page fixed (57)
Captures last ring used updated only if rtype = N (57)
Report from Find colour marks fixed and also allow single bird (57)
Corrected http download operation for large downloads (57)
BTOImport check for species change takes account of trailing . (57)
Added project field to subsite table and updated setup import/export (57) (DB=1.78)
NRSubmission check if outstanding project subsites (57)
Move imported zip file after captures import (57)
NRBoxDetails "Create specific subsite" (57)
Show NR subsite name in subsite dropdown on NRC form (57)
Always allow clutch number to be added for all nests (whether or not pair code used) (57)
Captures entry checking report prompt includes new and recapture counts (56)
Added today’s date to CSR&P drop-down selection (56)
Added exclude retraps option in ERH (56)
Import Captures update/check of place only checks once per place to avoid large numbers of effectively duplicate records in warnings file (56)
Captures History report fixed for re-rings and improved formatting (56)
List style form (re-)ordered by CapturesKey (56)
Additional confirmation added before changing species if different one entered on captures data entry (56)
Fixed cancel on date selector year setting (56)
Control import check ALLOCATED date is a date before trying to import (56)
IPMR Folders backup function available from menu (56)
Autocorrect off (affecting place codes for example) (56)
Ringno not updated after species, age or sex change if autorepeat set for ringno (56)
ImportSQL in Import Captures change from ‘ to " to avoid problems with ‘ in path (56)
Duplicate capture record warning OK/Cancel buttons added (56)
Captures selected fields report orderby fixed for all captures of selected birds (56)
Stop Owner form being opened of Download form already open (56)
BTO Record_id and Edit flag to show at bottom of Edit Capture form (56)
Import Captures form changes to handle corrections (56)
Validation check on Field Setup checks current (not newly selected) setup records (56)
SetRtype to ignore RCY records (56)
Find colour mark report to show all captures for ‘found’ bird (56)
Checking report fixed (mismatch due to option on font size) (56)
Import Captures: place not found warning added if capture already exists (56)
Annual totals report fixed to select Allocated To (56)
RingSize added to cross tabulate and export selected fields (56)
If *LOST entered in Captures data entry then don’t go to next record (56)
Copy multiple fixed (56)
Ring costs reports menus and yearly report fixed (56)
No printer defined on PC handling around Annual Report (56)
Change Update last ring used to check if next ring is not yet used (56)
Refresh BTO download form after updating date imported (56)
BTO ERH import check for existing RCY record on same date (56)
CaptRecoveries reports use record type to select records (not RCY/CTL) (56)
Moult card button on captures form doesn’t save record (so can still undo) (56)
Import captures: all warning messages for same bird on single row in warnings file (56)
Import Captures: warning of control rtype if own series (55)
B-Ring place file import converts to new counties (55)
New mapping export for Google Earth (55)
Species update only sets ring number if in Captures Data entry form (55)
Captures Selected Fields report options allows font size to be set by user (55)
Import Captures allows unknown species to be set based on notified species code (55)
Enter first ringing details form allows unknown species to be set based on notified species code (55)
Set RTYPE changed to be ignored for first capture for controls (55)
Change All Previous button when species changes fixed to work again (55)
Options form allows application and data fields to be accessed (but not updated) in order to allow whole folder path to be seen (55)
Error message not displayed when entering capture subsite fields when place field not available (55)
Ring number not autoset if age/sex updated if ring number entered manually (55)
Import captures record type inconsistency date corrected (55)
Import Captures for ERH will create single ring ring-series for original ringing records if ring series doesn’t exist (55)
CaptExportSelect if no field selected on Exit or Up/Down buttons clicked (54)
NR ValidationIntervals between visits with pulli too long – stopped warning if only dead pulli on 2nd visit (54)
PPSC only set if in field setup and PPMLT is an integer (54)
Import Captures don’t request TEXT for Age=0 for CaptureType C or R (54)
Import nests setup data file import fixed if new place code and also fixed pair codes import (53)
Installation form sets current database properly if option to find existing database files (53)
Enhanced database upgrade to avoid problems if fields already in DB (52)
Stray fields in Captures data entry form after Field Setup (52)
Owner permit number setting warning if group permit number (52)
Circumstances field added to importable CSV file (52)
Import captures Finding condition hourglass removed (52)
If Options database form open when IPMR closed then form closed first (52)
Weighing time reset if time changed following List form date change (52)
Warning message on Nest species survival report if some nest stats missing (50)
Schedule 1 report species selection parameter (49)
List ring numbers for Schedule 1 report fixed to handle multiple pulli ring series (49)
Colour Ringed report allows date parameter (49)
Default species list includes CARCR (49)
Add latest capture’s colour marks to earliest capture record status message on adding retrap (48,51,52)
NRC Status allows Site Unused codes in nest visit and hence as Outcome (48)
Import captures record type consistency check (47)
Earlier check for Reference database currency at IPMR startup (47)
Attach pullus from NRCaptures Selection fixed (47)
Finding condition set for retrap chicks in NRCaptures (47)
Observations submission no longer (wrongly) validating race (47)
Observation submission text fixed to put in submission file (46)
Place code rename warning (46)
NRC can’t have outcome if no habitat (45)
Text added to Others’ Ring Series to explain usage (45)
NRC visit validation fixed for hab1 (45)
Imported species change warning restricted to ringing captures (45)
NR import problem if new place is first in export file (45)
Pair code changes also change those codes in existing NRCs (45)
V1 database upgrade fixed (44)
NRC Submission flag set correctly (44)
NRC can't have final outcome until Species added (44)
Colour Marks reset blank values in ring position display (43)
Captures export selected fields field up/down fixed (43)
Import of colour marks for wing and neck fixed (42)
Reset captures Subm flags when cancelling observation submission. (42)
Pick up observation colour marks from Observations table (not redundant colour rings table) (42)
Import captures fixed for ERH (41)
Convert u to U in moult card form (41)
Ring series create error from second series in NR multiple captures form (41)
Check nest statistics values for eggs, pull and fledged are positive integers (41)
DB Upgrade error handling enhanced (41)
New species splits added (41) (DB 1.77)
Captures Import always shows import warnings file (41)
Fixed Place form Cancel (40)
Option to update place default values on NR Card (40)
Pulring/PulAliv autorepeat setting using double click (40)
Colour rings from new table in submission file (40)
Captures SQL Helper fixed and/or for Month, Projects and ringsize (40)
BOMP project added to nest recording (not BOMP data fields though) (39)
Outstanding nests report – no date (39)
Set Rinfo tabstop = false in NRCaptures (39)
Remove check on [adult] for nest building stage check on NRStatus form (39)
Avoid 150 days nest visit message if date changed on visit (39)
Project 1 added to NR captures and NRCaptMultiple (39)
AN status code sets ? for eggs and young based on previous NPULL values (39)
RES subm type retained on NRC import (39)
Ring costs All report added (38)
Pulring/pulaliv autorepeat more independent of age (38)
Cancel NRC button fixed to avoid validation issues (38)
Temporary use of permit number for NR number (38)
Import nests openfile error (38)
NR outstanding report date error (38)
NR effort observer selection warning message (38)
ERH import: imports table import type (38)
Scheme added to selection for single ring submission (38)
New IPMR file delete function introduced to avoid errors with read-only files (37)
Check captures submission status count allows >32000 non submitted (37)
Captures date consistency check error (37)
Ring series merge checks length of entered ring number (37)
Ring cost in Xtab set to zero for non-new birds (36)
Captures submission single ring number allows all record types (36,37)
Places close error (zero length string) (36)
NR subsites change of code keeps habitat if not used in NRC or nestboxes (36)
Observer species record can select all observers (36)
Paircode import ignores Place (35)
Import NRC fixed import of records with no ring number (35)
Import NRC fixed import of nest with paircode (35)
Change NR subsite code also updates site habitat records (35)
Import NRC fixed pair code importif species has trailing full stops (35)
Import NRC fixed captures species if has trailing fullstops (35)
Import *DEST et al avoids duplicating records (35)
More friendly message added for date format error on Capture DE date change (35)
Species dropdown requery when changing ring size (35)
Enhanced handling of problem DBs in Select Database (35)
YE and AS totals submission handles no AS captures (35)
Import observations of same bird fixed (35)
Observer totals report’s year totals option fixed (35)
Added Report Manager config file to IPMR backup (35)
Grid accuracy 0-99 value in Others form (35)
Removed X as valid entry for moult codes (35)
Use Quit macro when closing IPMR to avoid process not closing (35)
Hourglass issue on CSR&P totals report when query invalid (35)
Fixed import nests import menu link (35)
SxMtd auto-repeat made independent of of Sex (34)
Fixed Capture and Nest Subsites form opening (34)
Fix scroll lock issue (34)
Fixed updating of colour mark records on DB upgrade (33)
Colour ring details held against capture records not against bird (32)
Single YE totals function also does As totals (32)
PPX set to false for all species to stop X being used (32)
Importing captures keeps RES Subm flag is set to resubmit (32)
Pulli ringed/Alive check includes Rtype P (32)
Ring series stats updated when ring number updated in CSRP edit capture (32)
Stop Captures date field being completed automatically if RCY or CTL (32)
Cost updated on series length update (32)
Movement details in captures status if place completed (32)
Fixed error message appearing if record saved when cursor in fat field 32)
Capture Selection date dd/mm assumes current year (32)
Improve button captions when species change found (32)
Active places only on Place Selection form (32)
Added new ring create option for current ring plus specified number of rings (32)
Added some species missing from own ring size listing (32)
NR submission: don’t include nests with outcome code without outcome type (32)
Schedule 1 submission uses reporter name and licence number and doesn’t try to email form (31)
BTO extra text field value added to import warnings file (31)
NRC Submission sets SUBM to sequence number correctly (31)
List setup fixed for measurement methods (31)
IPMRAdvisors added to YahooGroups joining form (31)
Warning issued when colour marks are changed (31)
Options form setting of measurement methods fixed (31)
Create ring series form revised to stop closing with X (31)
Set Ring number fixes for A sometimes being mistaken for AA and A1 (31)
BTO ERH import fixes (31)
Moult code U added for unknown age feathers (31)
Export and import of RegCodes re-instated (31)
Capt Find form fixed to refresh circumstances list for rtype A (31)
Ring Info field display fixed (31)
Sql helper handling of month number fixed (31)
Short species codes updated from BTO web site (31)
Species dropdown list behaviour enhanced (31)
Import capture can import RES if submit option chosen (31)
Date accuracy visibility fixed in captures form (31)
Import nests effort fixed (31)
Site habitats in NR Sites report (31)
Time of weighing warning if not present (31)
Check before deleting CaptField setup (31)
Old (1979) county code for non-GB/ER countries
Revised valid finding circumstances codes (31)
Wing point condition added to nest captures form (31)
Finding circumstance form allows Cancel (30)
Added CES details to Capture subsites report (30)
Null error on captures resubmit (30)
Revised message if dead young added and pulli already ringed (29)
Fixed nest visit delete error (29)
NSR&P Show SQL added (28)
Importable csv file export fixed for colour marks (28)
Date accuracy processing changed to retain values on submission (28)
Last ring used will go back if ring number in different series (28)
Time format fixed in NR import (28)
New Setup reports menu (27)
Capture and nest subsites reports (27)
Ring series auto-create form changed to create series from 01 not from current ring number (27)
Project to set for species prompt – unwanted repeat fixed (27)
New warning that weighing time greater than zero if weight present (27)
Weighing time now appears on List form Capt DE (27)
Captures field setup – circumstance code independent of find code (27)
Text required for RType A (27)
Restrict circumstance code for submission to BTO (27)
Captures Finding form no default values and checks values entered (27)
Nest survival reports have totals eggs and pulli columns (27)
New Nest Visits cross tabulate function (27)
Captures Sumary Totals report now portrait (27)
Added further ERH field to captures tables (26) (DB 1.74)
Nest species summary reports only select nests with final outcome (26)
Fixed rings already used for NRCaptMultiple (26)
Nest captures form adds capture subsite if same name as nest’s subsite (26)
Nest captures form own fields, subsite and initials fields always visible (26)
Create place on import fixed if no IRPL79 value (26)
Fixed import problem with filenames (26)
RAS submission error save record error fixed (26)
NRReports fixed date field problem (26)
Nest validate intervals for too long a period now excludes dead pulli (26)
CES exclude form sorted in input order (26)
Checking for ‘X’ for moult field fixed (24)
Added FCP, MOV and BTOExtraText fields added for ERH (24 & 25)
Colour marks added to importable csv (24)
NR Import of date and time values (24)
Tabstop=true setting for RCY and CTL field setups (23 &24)
Fixed tab order for Captures Data Entry (22)
Date accuracy field changed to allow any days value to be entered (22)
Second series checking fixed for NR multiple captures form (21)
NR Status codes validation only applies to un-submitted records (21)
Major update to valid status codes by Dr Leech (21)
DataFix for second ring on BirdIds refined (21)
New captures consistency report for record types (21)
Fix to Captures tab stops (21)
Upgrade now includes a re-organise if initial u/g fails (21)
Check made for active nets in box when box number entered for a new nest (21)
Allow previous nest empty status codes (21)
Updated Outstanding Nests report (20)
Change to setting of Biometrics Flag used by BTO Oracle loader (20)
Implemented import of setup data from nest submission zip file (20)
Import Captures and Nests – check for valid displayable characters before processing file (avoids corrupting Zip files) (20)
Don’t reset ring number if size is possible for species (20)
Take account of ringing scheme when auto-setting ring number (20)
First control details change of ring number when age/sex added fixed (20)
NR submission export of setup data file fixed (2)
Bird Id reset after changing record type (20)
Check for previous dead record type in Captures Data entry (20)
Ring number find function added to Ring Series form (20)
Race codes with zero values removed (20)
Nest multiple captures form now allows independent setting for ring series 1 & 2 of stage code and initials (20)
Date picker on Captures form uses current date to start from (20)
Added outcome type to status codes 2-5 dropdown lists (20)
Date setfocus error in NRC Visits form (20)
Nest statistics estimates also use status codes to estimate check hatching and fledging (19)
Fledged birds estimate can ignore ? or + values (19)
Captures Subsite create button on Nest Subsite form (19)
> and < can be used for dates in CSR&P (19)
Nest multiple chick captures form allows automatic creation of ring series (19)
Nest Site Summary report – outcome also shows outcome type (19)
Outcome Unknown search in NSR&P fixed (19)
Import Captures and Import Control converts old IRPL to new (19)
Fixed showing of ring numbers for Consistency check report (19)
YE totals fixed for Other species (19)
Restrict number of attached DBs to 49 (19)
Hatched young increased message gets correct date (19)
Captures DE moving to next record stay in field if record already exists (18)
Fixed NR Visits date button (18)
Fixed duplicate lines in NR checking reports (18)
Stopped all menu bars from being moved (18)
Remembers TIME autorepeat setting (not value) across closure of visit form (18)
Date/time auto repeats hold on to value to auto repeat more effectively (18)
Fixed STAGE setting for new visits and hence chick/adult captures buttons(18)
Fixed query parameter error in NR checking reports (18)
Don’t set SUBM = "NRI" in NR Captures unless permit number not present in Owner details (18)
Check that in visits subsequent to one with young that live eggs are not present I.e. a new clutch (18)
Added Date field to NRC Visits table to better handle moving between records (17)
Max period over which eggs should have all hatched (17)
Max period over which pulli should all have fledged from eggs being in nest (17)
Max period over which pulli should all have fledged from any pulli being in nest (17)
The interval between a previous visit and the current record is less than would be expected for this species to lay the increased number of eggs (17)
Once there are young in a nest then there can be no increase in total nest contents (17)
Use maxima and minima values in days for the age/stage related status codes to check periods between use in different visits (17)
If there is NOT a visit with fewer eggs than current visit then check if there is a previous visit with no young (17)
Check that period betwen most recent visit with FEWER EGGS and current visit is at most the max period necessary for incubation and young growth (17)
Check that the period from the earliest visit with the same number of eggs content is at most the incubation plus growth period associated with the pullus stage code (17)
Check that period between most recent visit with FEWER EGGS and current visit is at least minimum period necessary for incubation and young growth (17)
Check that in visits subsequent to one with young that live eggs are not present I.e. a new clutch (17)
Validate that the total content does not exceed the maximum clutch size for a species (17)
Final outcome code must be one of the status codes in the last visit (17)
Success outcome codes must not be used in the same visit as the Unknown Outcome code (17)
Additional visits not allowed after visit with a success or unknown final outcome code. (17)
Additional visits not allowed after a visit with a Failure final outcome code with no live eggs or pulli (17)
Finder field visible in Captures form opened from CSR&P (17)
Outcome Code Type field named correctly on NR Xtabulation (17)
Adds "?" to live eggs and pulli when AN et al are added and no existing entry (17)
Change visit interval > 150 days validation message (17)
Fixed wing initials drop down being empty in Captures form opened from CSR&P (17)
Current date set using technique to avoid date appearing in wrong field in some circumstances (17)
Nest vists form sorts visits into date order (again) (16)
No offer to set final outcome if not editing last visit (16)
Uncheck of "nest complete" works even if nest has a validation problem (16)
Avoid validate visits error if no visit content and outcome added (16)
Fixed formatting of "first capture" record for retraps in Captures DE (16)
Moult card editing of "right to left" fields now possible (16)
Corrected tab order in NR captures (15)
Fixed Xtab for NR using Pulli field (15)
Sleep before new record operation and silent error handling in NR visits form (15)
Egg increase validation allows ? and + values in previous visit (14)
Fixed saving of moult card fields (14)
Fixed field setup when double clicking for autorepeat (14)
Places report for new counties invoked selectively in Select Database form (14)
Nest box details can take 8 digit numeric grid ref (14)
Resubmission from nest and captures submission history use ZIP files (14)
Fixed nest captures report issue with CRDisplay (14)
Nest visit autorepeat more discerning (14)
Ring series import fixed (14)
Validate nest visits error (null) if number of eggs not less than total nest contents in any visit (13)
Autorepeat via DblClick also sets field setup (13)
Setup data import fixed for ring series (13)
Enhance NRCVisits taborder & setfocus (13)
NRBoxes and NRSubsites start with place active in NRC form (if any) (13)
Requeries when activating NRC after changing setup data handled without errors (13)
Import required Habitat even for OLD records (13)
Edit capture from CSR&P uses CapturesKey rather than Birdid & Date (13)
Captures DE form ensure scrolled left (13)
Allow field setup to position SUBM field (13)
Handle non-UK breeding species warning correctly for NRC (13)
Where selection fixed for NRC from NSR&P (13)
RingSize set correctly for CaptMultiple (13)
SelectDatabase attach check name <=8 in length (13)
NRCVisits new record set focus on first tabstop field (13)
Setup data import gets VC and Sch1 code reversed (13)
Moult Card Validate for tail count fixed (13)
Captures Validate report only if some captures are entered (13)
Export importable csv includes moult card fields (12)
Export importable csv include project fields (12)
Import Captures csv import of SSMLT fixed (12)
Userv fields available from List data entry form (12)
SelectDB upgrade gives placechange report (12)
Fixed error if cancel recovery data entry (12)
CheckReport on captures_close only called if opentype = Form, list, recoveries or original (12)
Capture form current SetFocus error handling (12)
NR reports outstanding and checking allow selection of place and date from (12)
Download password validation in Owner form fixed extra new characters added (12)
CES visits report width fixed to cope with cloud cover (11)
CloudCover dropdown width increased (11)
NR check sites query amended to get latest date (not last) (11)
Date selection buttons fixed if no date selected (11)
Wise installation messages updated to correctly reflect DB upgrade (11)
Subm field error in NR Capt Multiple (11)
Year end totals fixed to put "other" species at end (11)
Ring Series Unallocated form excludes series with ringing records included (10)
Upgrade from v1 DBs to 2.2 fixed (10)
Import error filename fixed (9)
Fixed moult card validation (9)
phonehome allowdial setting to stop hang when checking new version (9)
Tables re-attached option for prior to upgrade (9)
Setting create series handles 99 length series (9)
Act + Init autorepeat setting fixed (9)
Captures Subsites lists of plan only includes own places (9)
Installation wizard form check for invalid DB name (9)
Updated Windows version name for IPMR emails (9)
PND to NOT change button on Captures Submission form (9)
Capt Report Place list fo IRPL79 initially based on default country (8)
Strip trailing commas from place name fixed (8)
Estimate first egg date looks for max eggs + pulli (8)
Added "Can use others' series in NR form" to Setup Options (7)
Added SpeciesRace table to Tables & Queries function (7)
Set path for option db view (if Esc pressed on startup) (7)
Create ring series form works for NR captures (7)
Fixed co-ord setting in Captures Submission (7)
OGC entry of CC, A1, A2 & A3 (7)
Observation query to export (7)
Observation records can have submission set to RCY and CTL (7)
Place county (old/new) comparison report (7)
Added IRPL79 to CSR&P selection and x-tab field lists (7)
OGC field values permitted are 0 through 10 (6)
Added species code to RAS summary (6)
RAS Subm filename chnaged to NNN-YYYY.RAS (6)
Import Captures county code comparison for same place code ignored if new vs old counties (6)
SetFocus to first field on new record (fixed) (6)
Field Setup control changed to combobox (6)
TabOrderSet fixed for Captures form – still rather slow though (6)
Fixed external validated captures submission records count (6)
Control export file name uses NRNO if no permit (6)
Control file added to nest records submission to allow easier import (6)
Captures and nest records submissions now in zip files (6)
btoipmr YahooGroup removed from groups setup form (6)
Sexing method autorepeat enhanced (6)
Ring size order enhanced for Ring Series form and reports (6)
Subsite added to RAS submission (6)
Moved captures DE measurement methods to new tab on options form (6)
Submission check now aware of PND submission flag values (6)
CES report headers changed (6)
Option to control checking report offer (6)
Checking report offered when leaving Captures Data Entry form (6)
New Races added (6)
Race changed to five characters (6)
PND can be set as default Subm flag for capture DE from options form (6)
Use Record_id and Edit_flag in Import Captures (6)
Added back counties into Capture History report (6)
CES summary report excludes pulli which are subsequently retrapped (6)
CES checking report now has proper Report menu to allow printing (6)
Added "Edit in query" to CSR&P to percale Edit in datasheet (6)
RAS summary report ammended, RAS details new fields, RAS year details form added, RAS submission includes summary report (6)
Fixed CaptInitialYear reportto not double count multiple captures in year (5)
First installation uses Windows GetSpecialFolder to get My Documents folder (5)
First installation default output + import folders based on selected data folder (5)
Export spreadsheet (and similar) folder+filename length restriction fixed by exporting to temp directory and then renaming (5)
Remember Finding and circumstance codes across calls to CaptFind form (5)
Observation Import checks if subsite has a value before setting field value (5)
Cannot delete Nest Visit if Nest Completed checkbox selected (6)
Don’t create subsites if first ringing details or recovery record on import (5)
Subsite selection on Standard Reports, Place Totals (5)
Nest recording effort recording and inclusion in submission and import functions (4)
Selected export fields for captures form re-worked with additional fields (4)
Find nest record button based on number in Nest Visits form (4)
Warning about entering pulli via captures data entry form if nest records exist for species, place and year (4)
Place totals summary based on grouping of place rather than place name (4)
Same Day Retraps changed to only display captures in selected records (4)
Delete function on captures field display form (4)
CES session cloud cover changed to oktas (4)
Altitude warning when leaving place details form now Yes/No and has option not to see in future (4)
Field record (rtypes S & O) invokes Finding condition selection (4)
Find function added to Places selection form (4)
Increasing egg numbers validation added to NR Visits form (4)
Test for resubmission from Captures DE and CSR&P forms to be user entered (4)
Grid reference validation fixed in NRBox, Subsite & NRC forms (4)
Initial ringing year report option to exclude SUBM=CTL (4)
Zip backup includes yyyymmdd (4)
Multiple captures button in Captures data entry form copies own and own2 fields (4)
Fix Observations bird identifier in DB upgrade (3)
Year option for captures observers and place totals reports (3)
Facility to copy ring number from Find Colour Marks form to Captures data entry form (3)
Additional option for new birds in Monthly totals report (3)
New Initial Ringing Year Report (3)
Euring 1979 county codes reporting in Place Totals report (3)
Earliest capture record detail displayed in status bar for recaptures (3)
Trailing commas removed from place names (3)
ColourRing Find function allows ? for striped rings (3)
Recovery history report new list options: whole list and whole list with multiple recoveries; former has extra line added with original ring number (3)
New set date and/or time function from CSR&P (3)
Calendar date picker added to ChangeDate, CSR&P, Captures DE, NRC visits and SQL helper (3)
Added "Active" field in place details (3)
Fixed IPMRPath setting in database upgrade (3)
Import captures doesn’t set PulRing field to 1 if recapture record type (2)
Tab order and autorepeat in Recovery details and First ringing details (2)
BTOPL.TAB import converts GA to G10 (2)
Finder field always appears on View Captures (2)
Save field setups from Captures data entry form (2)
Others Ring Series added record selectors to allow deletion (2)
BTO Recovery History Report can be generated based on imported BTO Recovery History imported data (2)
Nest submission checks to ensure nest recording effort has been recorded for requisite year(s) (2)
Nest Recording Effort form added (2)
Added Day number, Year.daynumber and week number derived fields to selection and cross tabulation (2)
Added Cloud Cover fields to Ringing Session form and CES submission (2)
Add IMPORTBIRDID to observations table (2)
Set Ring Number function RTYPE reference fixed (2)
Autobackup in Select DB will also pick up Compress option (2)
Added Month(DTE) to SQL Helper (2)
Moved setting RAS dates until RAS id has been entered (2)
Blank field sheet option for retraps (1)
CES net type added to submission file (1)
Moult card data added to submission file and Import (1)
Create Series in Import captures will lookup to see if submitting permit number is in observers table and if so add as ‘allocated to’ initials (1)
Don’t allow visit date > 149 days after first visit (1)
NDEAD entry offers to add as final outcome if no NPULL value too (1)
‘Nest complete’ checkbox and ‘Outcome Display’ fields replace outcome selection drop down (1)
NRC Visits validation: stop additional visits after success or outcome unknown status code (1)
More intelligent set focus for Captures data entry new record (1)
Fixed import setup NRSites error
New Installation Wizard to guide users through setting up new IPMR installation or recovery/move from old one (1)
Automatically set files database files to not read-only when opening (1)
Inclusion of report in CES submission (1)
Added Invalid/Warning prefix to Import captures messages (1)
Decommission all Registered site code functionality, except read only in place form (1)
Import Captures with no CRC in submission file, but validate data (1)
New schemes and conversion of old schemes for Euring 2000 (1)
New Capture method codes for Euring 2000 (1)
Import captures offer to create new places if no problems with place detail changes (1)
Add BTO download fields to Owner table (1)
Autocreate places for foreign places not CTnnnn giving 10K place possibilities (1)
Import BTO recovery histories (1)
Strip trailing "." from species codes before checking species in Captures Import (1)
Moult card button on Captures DE form (1)
Capture data entry fields order and properties re-written (1)
Show scheme automatically of ring number no known (1)
Decommission "Reset submission seq no" for Captures (1)
Species change warning message on Import Captures (1)
Remove "End of Import file" message from Import captures (1)
Nest Record Id added to NRC, submission and import (1)
Nest Captures report year selection fixed (1)
Nest record captures permitted for Others' Ring Series (SUBM set to NRI) (1)
Age validation in nest captures corrected (1)
Increase BirdId field to 18 characters to ensure foreign bird uniqueness (1) (DB version 1.59)
Reorganised menus to change Control to Setup and move many File menu items to new Tools menu (1)
Menu and Observations forms' titles changed to make colour marks (without metal ring) clear (1)
Fixed error message box when new NRC with no place save attempted (1)
Fixed use of G10 habitat code in Nest Record and Subsite forms (1)
Additional messages about overwritten records in Captures import (1)
Enhanced Create Ring Series dialogue (1)
Added *UNKN code for unknown species (1)
Species codes added to Own Species form to allow easy lookup of codes (1)
No Original Ringing report only identified birds with no N or E (was also 1,2 et al) (1)
Fixed error when closing year to year report (1)
Autocreate series fixed for e.g. T872000 (1)
Ring information field validation fixed so can add colour marks with no Rinfo (1)
Added Project1-3 & CRDisplay to fields copied in CopyMultiple on Captures form (1)
Ringing sessions Exit error fixed (1)
M 'colour' at to of colour marks list (1)
Place form autotab for co-ordinates (1)
Submission field autorepeat fixed for Captures form (1)
Additional text added to email to ringing secretary when making submission (1)
Msgbox if outstanding nests when submission made (1)
Check NR visit that outcome code is same as one of last visit's status codes (1)
Field options form fixed for eggs, pullus and status codes fields for NR and CRDisplay for Captures (1)
CSR&P report for first capture of selected birds (1)
When record type changed from N to P then colour mark info deleted too (1)
N5 Nest status codes changed to NL (1) [1.58 DB upgrade required]
Nest status form uses NL not N5 (1)
Cross tabulation report 'go to last page' error fixed (1)
Check for Rtype=P before adding chick captures in nest multiple captures (1)
Added Sex field to list in Find colour mark (1)
If press Esc button when starting IPMR then opens Options database (1)
Fixed saving of fields from Export Selected fields form (1)
Captures report from CSR&P added that displays only first capture of birds selected in query (1)
Captures report from CSR&P added that displays all captures of birds selected in query (1)
Error when editing many visits fixed (1)
Nest status code description for N4 unlined fixed (1)
Autorepeat added to nest multiple captures form for initials, check initials and own fields (1)
Nest multiple captures form tab order and initials dropdown order fixed (1)
Fixed Ring tabstop problem in Captures form (1)
Ring early and late fixed in nest checking report (1)
Nest Visits autorepeat for date and time fixed and enhanced to avoid duplicates (1)
Record type R handling fixed on Nest Captures form (1)
Nest Captures form sex field available for pullus (1)
Cancel/Delete button added to New Nest form (1)
Grid ref in Nest subsite fixed to allow 8 numeric digits (1)
New dialogue to help set up IPMR for first time database use (1)
New dialogue to guide user through new IPMR installation, to find existing files, or to restore from backups (1)
Upgrade database from IPMR (on open or select database) (1)
Colour rings type mismatch error fixed (when selecting 'none' as colour (1)
Set file attribute to read-only for submission files (1)
IPMR v2.1 (DB version 1.57, reference DB version 0.43) (latest changes at top of list)
Fixed external validated captures submission records count (81)
Reference database lookup amended for foreign database users (80)
Tab Stop fixes to captures Age and Ring (79)
NRC Visits form open error from NSR&P (79)
'OS Map' place name caption on Places form (79)
NR Reports initials selection fixed (79)
Field Options for NRC Visits Date field fixed (78)
Set Active as default for new boxes (78)
NRBox details and subsites grid ref validation takes grid ref accuracy in place into account (78)
Can’t save record now error on NRC form if record incomplete (78)
Calculate grid ref warning if updating grid ref from coordinates (78)
Tactical fix for ring number > 9 characters for foreign scheme ringnos (78)
Improved detection of corrupt database in SelectDatabase (78)
Units added to Captures Recoveries form for distance and duration fields (78)
Fixed foreign IPMR error opening Owner form (SUBM missing) (78)
Option to Move or Copy Import file to subfolder (77)
Scheme pre-pended to ring number for foreign schemes in CaptNoOriginal report (77)
Captures Date change input mask 09/09/0099 (77)
Allow pulli fields to show even if not in field setup (76)
Finder and Supervisor added to Control Export/Import (76)
Correctly sets Series end ring number for Other Series (76)
New Query for Raptor Study Group (76)
Split ring series function now work for single ring at end of series (76)
Field Options shortcut form and autorepeat and no tabstop functions added to Nest Visits form for outstanding nest selection (76)
Field options shortcut form employed for Observations form (76)
CaptReportRecoveries selection by year reports based on control date for the year rather than the year in which original ringing details are entered (76)
CaptSQLHelper now doesn’t delete existing SQL statement if no value available for selected field (76)
CS&P ring numbers for non own-scheme capture display scheme.ringnumber (75)
Place and Species full lists incorporated into Field Options shortcut form (75)
Capture time defaulted to weighing time when importing RDF files (75)
If hab1 set to null then hab2 set to null in captures form (75)
Fixed skipping of records to overwrite if start buton used with "autoskip" option (75)
New Field Options pop up windows for setting autorepeat and notabstop using right mouse button click on some form fields – will replace double-clicking(75)
Remove habitat request warning for recoveries and first ringing details (75)
Autocreate ring series in captures data entry now assumes series length of 100 if no entry in ring size information (75)
Added "email app setup" button to Owner form (75)
CaptRecoveries report now shows direction and fixed legend (75)
NRC and capture data entry forms have "show secure place names" option (75)
Fixed control import where no coordinates (75)
DataFix error if no records for fix 19 (75)
Northern Irish grid reference to county table enhanced (74)
Fixed export field specification for MapMate (74)
Remove check for pkzip.exe from Installation & Maintenance Options form (74)
Finder and Import fields now visible in Edit Capture from CS&P (73)
Added ring cost to CS&P Cross tabulation (73)
Start on Import Captures with continue if no error now loops through records (73)
Control import results page enhanced for readability (73)
Check for invalid characters in ring series in Control file import (73)
Reject file created for Autoskip Import Captures option (73)
Update ring series function uses scheme and series length to get better match on captures (73)
RingSeries stats update converted to use static list of rtypes (73)
Validation of Finder address lines to ensure not more than 30 characters (73)
Added export to MapMate (72)
Added export to DMAP and Versamap for nest records (72)
Finding circumstance for record type X must be added in ringer’s own words (72)
Fixed handling of Subm field on Nest Record form (71)
Submissions form fixed setting numbers of records to be submitted when year option chosen and also control handling (71)
Rounds down bill and thl measurements over 100mm to whole mm (71)
Captures RINFO warning messages do not show again checkbox option (71)
IPMR remembers ProcessFile options from last use (71)
Copy DataPath skips "No Value" DBs (71)
I&M IPMR Control form open skips "No Value" DBs (71)
Added scheme check to NR Captures Multiple form when looking for previous captures (71)
Avoid error for PCs with no diskette drive in ProcessSubmission (71)
Fixed ProcessSubmissionfile option to save to diskette (70)
Restructured SubmTypes table (70) (RefDB 0.43)
Added target BTO email addresses to Process Submissions form (70)
Enabled PSC for submission of nest records (70)
Introduced PSC (Previously Submitted on Card) submission flag value for Nest Records (currently won’t submit) (69)
Added Full List option to Observations Place field (69)
CSR&P View List function renamed to Capture Records and function duplicated as a print option under File menu (69)
Updated ring series, sizes and outcome code status of nest status codes (69)
YE totals submission allows more than 32,000 captures in a year (69)
Submission removes trailing – or , characters (69)
Withdrawn set nest visit with MR status code when entering or importing captures (69)
Nest Record Captures form stop entry of duplicate new bird record (69)
RingSeries form new option to list only unallocated series (69)
Table attaching when selecting database speeded up by checking if table already attached (68)
Setting age and sex from age field from Edit captures from CS&P fixed (68)
Enhanced handling of Record Types when no ring series in database (68)
Delete records from CS&P now faster (68)
Only set pulli alive/ringed fields if rtype = N (68)
Importable CSV file export now adds quotes around user fields (68)
NR Reports allow exclusion of nests where eggs counted <> eggs statistics value for nest (68)
Resubmit comment added on Resubmission button in captures form (68)
Stop copying RINFO value in NRCaptures form (68)
Check placename <=40 characters (68)
Capt Submission cancel fixed (68)
Recreate CaptSubmission fixed (to set filename) error in 2.1.66 (68)
Fixed import of submission file error in 2.1.66 (67)
Stop saved SQL statement exceeding max length (67)
Enhanced import file reading to accept lf and crlf (67)
CES site code validated as numeric (67)
Enhanced mixed case place names data fix (67)
Owner form doesn’t insist on permit number if captures present are nest imported records (67)
Submission file will now include place name even if Registered site code included (67)
CES Report and submission will not fail if a site code has been entered and then deleted (67)
Default time to "00:00" if empty during Captures Import and date value present (66/67)
Enhanced handling of Wing measurer’s initials when autorepeating (66)
Introduced new file read module which handles linefeeds as well as crlf (66)
Fixed year entry in CES Session form (66)
Offer to create ring series in Captures form (66)
Check moult activity code properly when 2 activity codes (66)
Set Act2 tab order property (66)
Delete NR Subsite habitats when subsite deleted (65)
Removed capability to use ctrl-O and ctrl-N keys (65)
Revised submission form to allow seq no to be set and removes dialogues about confirming output filename and overwrite options (65)
CheckCaptSubmStatus function ignores date=0 when looking for oldest capture (65)
Import NRBox fixed null entry error (65)
Fixed DTEACC submission if no ExtraText entry already (65)
RAS form button errors if no entries (65)
NRC sets subm flag to NOT even if user sets to OLD (65)
Fixed existence check on grid squares for NR Card (64)
Allow NR grid ref to be set outside Place’s grid ref where grid ref acc allows (64)
Allow submission sequence no for NRs to be set where multiple DBs (64)
Dialogues added to help users find databases if not in IPMR Data Folder (64)
Nest ring number can be deleted in RingInfo form (64)
Fixed error if invalid ownerplace value in control import (64)
Error if set Grid Acc to null in Places form (64)
Update and Import now allowed for Data tables (64)
New function to allow use of "Update Query" in Fix Data form (64)
I&M Control> Options doesn’t now check for presence of pkzip.exe file before allowing Compress backup option (64)
Reinstated Send Debug files to IPMRAdvisors function (64)
Fixed entry of date range with space before hyphen (64)
NR Capture Selection form’s New button is displayed based on max no of pulli and on presence of + suffix (64)
Import Captures avoid line count overflow with very large files (63)
Added "Printed on" to Annual Totals, Monthly Totals and Consistency checking (63)
Captures Copy multiple handles more errors for "to" entry (63)
More SQL errors handled in SQL field in CS&P (63)
Import captures deletes previous wordwrap file if present before copying input file (63)
Enhance warning for Place not found when importing captures (63)
Hourglass shows when building list on Select Database form (63)
Add observations to submission checking (63)
Observations form automatically sets circumstance to "Colour Mark" (63)
Finder address problem with number of commas fixed (63)
Report menubar added to Observations report (63)
Checker Initials on Nest Multiple Pulli form (63)
New Nest Captures Report (63)
Fixed Sort order for Edit Captures from CSR&P (62)
NR Site summary report enhanced (62)
New databases will have active field for nest boxes (62)
Control Export file type selection fixed (62)
Restore backup messages enhanced (61)
LW and RW colour mark import fields (61)
Capture Fields handling fixed to cope with no entry (59, 60)
Dates in Options database handling to cope with different delimiters (58)
Ring Series characters check fixed (58)
No original ringing record report based on new rings rather than new birds (58)
NotInList error for Species in CS&P fixed (57)
IPMR97 install fixed to reinstall if initial install was v2 (57)
New code required for XP and date format checking and setting (56)
Multiple captures function copes with all numeric ring numbers (56)
Captures submission text not set to null if Find field present (56)
Report for ring series with last ring used, but not all rings used fixed to avoid multiple lines (56)
Scheme field autorepeat available (56)
Monthly Capture Totals report overlapped page width (55)
Pegasus email error if second attachment is missing (55)
Stop RingCombo having entries where ring series has been deleted (55)
Portrait page setup for ring stocks report (55)
Enhance trap for too many fields in Field setup for Captures form (55)
LimitToList = Yes for Owner Own Ringing Scheme (55)
Old ring series usage in Captures form fixed (some series didn’t allow ringsize = " ") (55)
Unlink Nest Record Card from Capture from CS&P (55)
Final message of Nest Import takes account of skipped nests (54)
Own Species used in Other Species in Shared nest (45)
NR Captures Resubmit button fixed (54)
Copy Multiple fixed for creching species (54)
Allow outcome of shared nests to be set independently (54)
Import nests can now re-link shared nests (54)
New report for ring series with last ring used, but not all rings used (54)
NR Captures doesn’t insist on habitat for Record Type M (54)
PEC, FATMTD and SXMTD added to NR capture form (54)
Habitat form object no longer valid fixed after invalid selection made (54)
Finding condition habitat required fixed as was set to inverse of that required (54)
Can select database in Select Database function by Double-clicking (54)
Sort Order of captures form set to entry order (53)
Copy Multiple fixed (53)
Fixed CaptText form when no text entered and enabled Cancel button (53)
Fixed linked nest button on NR Visits form (53)
Export spreadsheet functions trap error of folder/file length being too long (53)
Recoveries report Condition codes definitions added (53)
Own ring series form remembers last cost/dates view option (53)
New Ring size report (53)
Nest Box Active facility implemented (53)
‘Phonehome’ function to check new version availability (53)
Time fields in Captures and NR Visits forms can be entered as whole hours (52)
Control export email problem fixed (52)
RAS form menubar added and species based on Own species (51)
Close RAS Subm file before SubmProcessing form for email (51)
Upgrade database to ensure BTOREGCODE table has GRIDACC (50)
CES year/session reports too wide for page (49)
Reg Site submission form – increased width of reg code field for ‘wide’ letters (48)
RecordType field hide if not in field setup (48)
Shared nest creation error in not setting submission flag fixed (47)
Nest record save error in some circumstances fixed (46)
OtherSpecies error in nest records fixed (46)
Fixed and enhanced Nest Pulli Check report (45)
Fixed error in auto ring split from Ring Series form (45)
Fixed Nest Captures form when adding ring number (45)
Remove hourglass on email processing for RAS submission (45)
Colour mark button now always available on Captures forms (44/45)
IPMRControl and Reattach tables updated to handle new foreign database (44)
Submission type code B for non-UK GBT and O for non GBT (44)
Est First egg date error if no species fixed (44)
Error handled when Capt Set Subm from CS&P uses invalid query field (44)
Removed spurious commas for recoveries report (44)
Fixed Observations submission record to correct number of commas (44)
Fixed RAS Submission error (44)
Added submissions processing for RAS (44)
Capture Recoveries movement details fixed (43)
Sex description quote marks fixed (43)
Removed IMP from Captures Set Subm form (43)
Pulli ring check report fixed (43)
Cancel Export Others’ Recoveries fixed (43)
Added C2 ring cost to new databases (42)
Fixed creation of capture records from Nest records (42)
Fixed error in Owner form on new installation (42)
Captures Report Monthly totals fixed for numeric age parameters (42)
Added active to Observers import/export (41)
Upgrade and import RINFO set to null for invalid record types (40)
Capt Recoveries report – stop direction appearing of distance is 0 (40)
Fixed Ring Series setting in upgrade database function (39)
Fixed Species Set function in Captures form to use scheme as well as ring number (39)
Fixed Captures Recovery handling of re-ringed birds (38)
Fixed Duration calculation for reports (38)
Ring Information field validation changes (38) (RefDB 0.42)
Ring series merge, split and transfer now use correct query to set ring series in capture records (38) (DB 1.53)
Captures reports showing New birds now exclude re-rings (37) (Ref DB 0.41)
New Ring series, sizes and species (splits) (37)
Stop error appearing if Edit all nests function chosen and no nests in DB (37)
All FATMTD to be before FAT field in Captures Field Setup (37)
Year to Year comparison report allows start month to be selected (37)
Active flag available for Observers (DB v 1.52)
Echo True at end of IPMRBackupDB function (36)
Import Captures skips Recovery and first ringing of Controls where no matching record found in database (36)
Reformatted elements of the Year to Year comparison report (35)
I&M upgrade check fixed missing checks in some circumstances (35)
CRDisplay upgrade fix logic improved (35)
Catch error when exporting and file already open (35)
CaptRecoveries report date positioning (35)
CS&P save SQL checks for max length of string first (35)
New NR Species Summary report (35)
Added SS Site Faiure with single bird present outcome code (35)
All reports should have No Data warning rather than opening report with #Error entries (35)
Ring series form sort on Initials has secondary sort on Size then series (35)
Address added to NR Code request (34)
Set CRDisplay field from colour rings table (34)
Fixed CaptRecoveries report error if no records (34)
Fixed weighing date message due to setting to current year (34)
Close global Workspace object (33)
Added recovery record type onto Captures Recovery form (33)
Change default age for First ring details of Controls to be 0 (33)
Submission of Place names not converted to upper case (33)
Captures Submissions form sequence setting enhanced and OK button greyed out if no birds to submit (33)
Captures Recoveries report changes: full date showing, shows all recaptures for selected birds, supports re-ringed birds, duration (year and days) added, direction as compass points e.g. NE (32)
Fixed Object error in refresh ownspecies list (32)
Fixed missing ring numbers and re-instated initials into Recovery History report (32)
Data Fixes to convert Place names and Confidential place names to mixed case (32)
B-Ring import of bill, bill depth, tarsus, claw and thl now divided by 10 if no decimal point (31)
Captures Set Field function now allows fields to be set to existing field values or derivatives thereof (31)
Create Workspace object handling now uses OpenDatabase for data database tables (31)
Change Workspace references to create rather than reuse to allow proper closure (30)
View Capture Detail report reformatting (30)
Control Export submission processing option to email (30)
Recoveries report further fixes (30)
Recovery History report headings fixed (30)
Fixed NR Subistes delete function (29)
NRCVisits Obj not set after CaptMultiple (29)
Added Report Manger report option to CS&P (29)
Removed CRDISPLAY field reference to ColourMarks table causing error in Import Captures (29)
Fixed county/region dropdown list following entry of grid reference (29)
Fixed Recoveries reporting setting of Recoveries Report Code (29)
Added Recoveries report code to SQL helper (29)
Export of Importable CSV can use wider variety of selection fields (29)
Recoveries report fixed missing lines (29)
Finding Condition form for Dead and Sighting records now has codes displayed in addition to description (29)
Stopped extra text requests appearing when entering Recoveries ad First Capture Details (29)
NS&P enable min/max buttons (28)
Checkbox on RingSplit & merge to allow further operations (28)
CaptRecoveries report fixed to show all captures option (28)
RingSeries usage report enhanced to handle series ending 1000 length string (28)
No Cheque payable to warning message on CES submission (28)
Increased heading and grid ref field widths in reg code report (28)
CS&P new Totals report (28)
Faster database lookup for captures field validation in import, submission and captures form (28)
Import captures fixed to allow import of Colour mark field from csv file (28)
Import captures copy file to import Sub Dir bypassed if import file already an SubDir (28)
Recovery Hist report expanded Initials field (28)
Added capability to alias user field names for form caption display (27) [1.50 DB upgrade required] [Ref DB 0.40]
Widespread effort to fix reliability in application (may cause a few short terms bugs!) (27)
NRC Visit form comment field debug message removed (27)
Fixed entry of – into ring number warning (27)
Fixed entry of rings with unknown characters that has a valid ring prefix (27)
CS&P export recoveries report fixed to create SelectList table first (27)
New Message box with option to "Do not display again" checkbox, used in a couple of places (27)
Submission form contains message for captures and nest records to be submitted and for NRs nets outstanding with no Outcome code (27)
Report menu bar for NR Submission totals report (27)
NR Submission totals excluded OYTPE=N (27)
Fixed Full list on Captures species and entry of species not in list (27)
Fixed width of fields in YE and Annual totals reports (27)
Warning message on using Specific subsites (26)
Warning when saving NR Subsites if no habitat info and hence can’t use in NRC (26)
Remembers last file type in Import Captures (26)
Added NRC Number to CS&P SQL Helper (26)
Repair and Compact warning and offer every six months (26)
Upgrade DB mandatory Repair and Compact after upgrade (26)
Added Nest Outcome Site Failure and Not Site Failure to Nest Selection and Processing (25)
Added support for NT, 2000 and XP extended file attributes such as file compression (25)
Upgrade DB now allows integrated backup and Compact and Repair (25)
Full List option fixed on Species field of observations (25)
Check on missing ring series on Import captures added to initial warning (25)
Project and non BTO fields added to submission file to facilitate Constant Nest Monitoring and Import/Export Nests within groups
Cancel Import Captures button just cancels and doesn’t create error file (25)
Control Import function has new facility to perform comparison of Place details (25)
Default year entered for Year end and age specific totals reporting (25)
Captures validation checks that codes do not include extra trailing blank (24)
Install of upgrade removes previous backups of application files (not databases!) (24)
Added BTO Registered site codes table, import of sites*.lst file and check report and check on submission functions (23/24/26/27) [1.49 DB upgrade required]
If no captures records to submit then empty submission file not left in output folder (23)
Fixed database upgrade to NRC table (23)
Fixed import error if Race not numeric (23)
Added Import field to View Captures (22/23)
EUR4 message on opening Recovery history report (23)
Fixed Initials = None in CS&P (22)
Added new variant on Import Summary report based on date of captures within import files (22)
Fixed nest visit record import (pulli fields) and comment fields (22)
Enhanced handling of change of data folder (22)
Corrected Euring code sort in recoveries form (22)
Enhanced message flow through Import Captures (22/23)
New Imported Records report from nest and captures Selection and Processing (22)
IMP submission type has been removed to avoid confusion (incorporated with NOT) (22) [1.47 DB upgrade required]
Fixed email creation for NR Year end totals (22)
Moved Year end and age specific totals menu items to submission menus (22)
Checkbox on Year end and age specific totals form to indicate whether submission file to be created (eliminates message box) (22)
Estimate of nest statistics now includes when eggs and pulli are present to add for max eggs (22)
Updated report selection forms to be initially based on Own Species and default country county/region codes (22)
Added Nest Site failure codes and updated nest reports to exploit (22)
Enhance interface with Win-Ring to cater for Project fields (22)
Exports from NS&P and CS&P reflect current form sort order (21)
Fixed creation of sequentially numbered error message files and changed filename format (21)
Fixed ring number undo problem in captures data entry form (21)
Fixed Import’s create ring series when more than two zeroes need to be added following ring prefix (21)
Added recent fields to Importable CSV file’s export (21)
DataFix #13 Count message fixed (21)
Backup Database button on Main form (21)
Captures Place Totals report selection form has default country’s county codes and a Full list option (21)
Added Report menubar to Ring Series report (21)
Fixed Import Capture Import field and puts filename/path into imports table based on Import subdirectory if appropriate (20)
Added 10km Square field to cross tabulation for captures and Nests records (20)
"Imported" messages no longer appear in Control Imports message file (20)
IPMR Options database repaired if IPMR finds problem with it (20)
Warning that ring series has missing rings when last ring in series used if there are rings not used (19)
Fixed CaptSet for queries with fields not in Captures Table (19)
Fixed margins on Recovery History Report (19)
Nest Box Summary report (18)
Subsite auto-repeat on Nest Box Details also, optionally, copies in Subsite details (18/19)
Grid reference overwritten for Place and Subsite changes even when already present (18)
Introduced Year field onto Nest Record form (18)
Select Database function now closes form on completion (18)
Improved message for reference database corruption (18)
Corrupted reference database repaired (18)
Import Captures sets colour mark display field in captures record (17)
Implemented Pegasus Interface for email (17)
Added meaningful error messages to Control Import rejections (17)
Measurement record warning message has "skip this" option (17)
Hourglass removed after Nest Import (17)
Page width on Year to Year report fixed (17)
Extra warning message before text request for wrong ring size added (17)
Captures data entry ring size check problem fixed (17)
Captures date editing inputmask problem fixed (17)
Implemented revised ringing totals exclude to cater for HYBRI (16) [Reference DB version 0.39]
CS&P Place code with species report menu item fixed (16)
Retain CS&P field header and sort buttons when using Show SQL (16)
Option to move capture and nest import files to sub folder of Import folder on import (15/16)
Grid reference checking in Nest records (15)
Update field value function sets to Null rather than zero length string (15)
CS&P correctly sets query when opening Captures form when displaying nest record captures (15)
Fixed creation of Observer initials on Captures Import (15)
Check recapture date enhanced (15)
Added HYBRI hybrid species code (15) [Reference DB version 0.38]
Check OwnRef DB is present on IPMR startup if non UK BTO (15)
CS&P requery after cancel SQL (15)
New option of report format with column totals in addition to Query output for Captures and Nests cross tabulate function (15)
New Imports Summary Report (15)
Fixed error if deleting ring series when rings used (14)
Handling of back-level ref db and check macro added for non UK BTO users enhanced (14)
Recovery History report only includes birds with multiple captures (14)
Description changed from "Controlled" to "Recaptured" (14)
Another fix to the Age consistency report (13)
CS&P Year to Year comparison report (13)
Fixed retention of CS&P sort order (13)
Re-instated Recovery History menu (13)
Enhanced Set Capture Field function to cater for records with no capture details or Capture NRC record (13)
Added project field selection to Monthly and Place totals for captures and Nest and Nest Site summary reports (13)
Nest Captures form now supports Sighting record types (12) [Reference DB version 0.37]
Captures and Nest submission amended to remove reliance on commit (12)
Fixed auto-repeat for Wing Measurer’s Initials (12)
CaptSeln, NRC Visit & NR Captures forms enhanced when status code MR in use (12)
CS&P from nest record and nest visits form shows colour marks (12)
Captures button on Nest Record Card form if captures associated with nest record that takes user to CS&P (12)
Capture circumstance set to "at nest box " only if nest type is nest box (12)
Upgrade DB form in Installation & Maintenance now has refresh button if user has multiple DBs (12)
Update ring costs function in RingSizeInfo (12) [1.46 DB upgrade required]
Captures Import: extra message to confirm if record overwritten or not (12)
Species in CS&P and NS&P set to own species rather than full list (12)
Fixed error if try to edit nest subsite without a subsite name (12)
Initials selection for Place and Monthly totals fixed (12)
Foreign recoveries do not require habitat codes (12)
Check ring series more carefully when setting ring numbers for nest record pulli (12)
Added cost value to ring stocks report (11)
Importing of Nest record submission files including habitats, visits, egg details and capture records (subset) and linking with existing capture records if present (11) [1.45 DB upgrade required]
Exporting and Importing nest control information i.e. subsites, boxes, box type and pair codes (11)
Captures Import links with imported nest submission capture details (11)
When confidential place name deleted then other confidential fields set to null (11)
IN2 and ON2 fields added to Nest Subsites form (11)
Enhanced handling of Own Species list error handling (11)
Nest Record Captures form tidied up some errors and added Colour Mark field (11)
Colour mark details deleted if RINFO field set to null (11)
Control Import fixed to import ring series dates correctly (11)
New Selected capture fields report (in addition to Query view) (11)
Retain last sort order in CS&P and NS&P when opening subsequently (11)
Removed superfluous double query when starting CS&P and NS&P (11)
Fixed Invalid use of Null error in change of date on List style data entry (11)
Fixed Captures deletion when deleting Nests or Visits (11)
Database attach function uses Windows File Dialogue (11)
Enhanced Import Captures Caption (11)
Fixed Consistency check on Age (11)
Offer to dettach database if nor found on entry to Select Database function (11)
Fixed import of invalid species codes (11)
Fixed SRP Import (10)
Extend View Selected Capture Fields query to allow selection of fields from data entry Field Setups in addition to Export Fields selection (10)
Own Projects form fixed where not showing SRP projects (10)
Ignore rather than reject unknown field names in CSV captures import (10)
Consistency checking for Age fixed from error introduced in (9) (10)
Save project, SRP and initials fields in Captures export select (10)
Allow Set Field Value for high tide time (10)
Continue until error checkbox not unchecked when clicking start (10)
Error cancelling duplicate place grid reference function (10)
Projects field drop down lists sensitive to new Capture Type field (10)
Captures auto-repeat for projects enhanced to be species sensitive (10)
Changed CES submission to properly exclude Captures Sites Excluded nets and put additional nets’ birds into Additional birds total in submission summary (10)
Backup uses Save As dialog (10)
Ring series merge, split and transfer from ring series form (10)
Ring Series form overhauled including sorting (10)
Issue warning message if * or – characters are entered into ring number and suggest _ for unreadable digit (10)
Nest Habitat form save procedure fixed (9)
Nest Captures form redesigned and Moult code added (9)
Nest Selection & Processing has numbers of visits and captures columns added (9)
Colour Mark button from Nest Captures form error fixed (9)
All Nests and All Visits forms have sort order of NRC Number re-instated (9)
Additional Control Import messages for Places if overwrite not selected and grid reference, registered sited code and/or region/county code are not the same
Check on incoming Places during Import Captures to check that Place exists and, if so, whether grid reference, registered sited code and region/county code are the same and if not then present user with warning message (9)
New "no visit" captures report for CES (9)
Modified session handling for MAPI email creation (9)
Fixed problem from v2.0 with Report Manager preview failing with Object Variable not set (9)
Re-enabled function that checks for recaptures of pulli from nest records and adds MR status code if found during captures data entry or Import Captures (9)
Added Ring Series Allocated To selection field to Captures Selection and Processing (9)
Non-UK BTO ringing scheme reference database used for all tables except for species related and Country codes tables (9)
Age consistency checking based on a user set month for the age change (non UK BTO only) (9)
Monthly expected age codes replaces three period through year (9)
Captures submission percent complete meter fixed (9)
Stopped incorrect warning about wrong record type to change to retrap from control (9)
Submission validation for place name fixed (9)
Default region code added for countries without defined codes (9)
Allow foreign recaptured/sighted birds to be submitted; new check to stop new birds being entered when foreign ringed (unless using non UK BTO version!) (9)
Added Full List entry in Captures data entry Place drop down to allow Others’ Places to be selected (9)
Graphically redesigned Place details form (9)
Added further help text for Capture record fields (9)
Added Own and Own2 fields to Nest Captures form (9)
Warning about nest visit date before previous ones only appears if whole day before (not on same day) (9)
Nest checking report nest box code field increased in size to show complete 6 digit codes (9)
Check for very short, invalid ring series added (9)
Weighing date setting enhanced on weighing time entry enhanced (8)
Corrected Select database function for non UK BTO databases (8)
Import Project field correctly for records without project (7)
Nest Record Card form species drop down list fixed (7)
Setting of provisional sex from Sex field fixed (7)
Extractor, Ringer and Checker fields autorepeat and tab order fixed (build 7)
Updated start-up for Installation and Maintenance to automatically start Upgrade Database form if any database(s) need upgrading (f)
Updated start-up for Installation and Maintenance to not ask about database backups (instead have warning on Upgrade Database form) (f)
View query of selected (for export) fields directly from Captures menu in CS,R&P (f)
New. allegedly 35% faster, version of DynaZip available (compatible with any v2.02 or later release)
Introduced new licence checking mechanism for non BTO UK users (f)
Fixed move to first control in tab order on captures (e)
Fixed error with Auto-repeat for RTYPE (e/f)
Import Captures convert observation first ringing details to captures record (d)
Import Captures check for corresponding record and force skip if not found (d)
Tail length and Tail fork permitted to 0.5mm precision (d)
Observation id set to permit number plus timestamp (d)
Fixed cancel error when date change in Captures data entry (d)
Captures recovery reports fixed delete (d)
Ring usage report fixed for series with only 3 numeric digits (d)
Improved speed of Copy Multiple in Captures data Entry (d)
Change CS&P to Captures Selection, Reporting and Processing (d)
Irish grid references to county mapping used in Place creation enhanced to 10km (from 100km) resolution (thanks to Graham Austin) (d)
Fixed saving date and weighing date in field selection for export (d)
Set Order By in CS&P on entry (d)
Fixed species change to *LOST in Edit Capture (d)
Hide new initial fields’ caption in list style data entry (d)
Species list in SQL help and WinRing fixed (c)
Improved logic in placing cursor when starting new record in captures data entry (c)
Changed Submissions Statistics to reports rather than incorporated in form (c)
Rationalised shortcut characters in menubars (b)
Fixed permissions problem with RAS Details report query (b)
Allow BTOPL.TAB file import of confidential places (b)
Fixed import of BTOPL.TAB file if junk data included (b)
Ring series report added (a)
Supervisor field added to Observers (02u)
Extractor, ringer and checker fields added (02u)
123 export fixed from Select Export from CS&P (02u)
Fixed RDF import of variable length fields (02s)
Captures Entry options fixed (02u)
Fixed problems with multiple mail creation (02u)
Owl hatching report setup form year drop down fixed (02u)
Enhanced Captures Recoveries report (02t)
Fixed ring series range on header of Schedule report (02t)
Observer Species report prints selection criteria (02t)
Report selection criteria in Page footer for captures reports (02t)
Changed handling of species tables to enable Own Species to be selected (02s)
Fixed delete of own ring series (02s)
Enhanced checks for overlapping series between own and other series (02s)
Check for alpha input to age code to avoid runtime error (02s)
Removed check on change of data path in I&M that folders are <8 characters (02s)
Allow underscore in ring prefix in captures checking (02s)
ipmr97.exe install script looks for ipmrrefdb.ipm as well as ipmr97.ref (02s)
Allow all observers to be used in Capture fields set value (02s)
Check for file with name of temp folder in DB upgrade (02s)
Added record totals to Submission history forms (captures and nest records) (02s)  
IPMR v1.2 (DB version 0.86)
NR Observer code can be two digits (1)
Contro, export nest data (1)
New Ring series, sizes and species (splits) (1)
Strip trailing blank characters from place name in captures submissions (1)
Control> Export of Places fixed (2)
IPMR v2.02 (DB version 1.39)
Support for projects particularly Swallow Roost Project (b)
Added BodyMoult and Tailfork fields (b)
Winglength format fixed for nearest 0.5mm (b)
Added sorting to NS&P (b)
Fixed adding a Control in NR Captures of series not in Own Series (b)
DynaZip support (b)
Added cancel to Backup confirmation (b)
Sexing method allowed for RType = O (c)
Pulli alive and ringed now retrap aware (d)
OGC checking fixed (d)
Altitude set in nest record when Place auto-repeated (d)
Can unset RYPE autorepeat of ring set to auto-repeat (e)
CS&P query failure fixed when RTYPE = code and another criterion fixed (e)
Can print field sheet for ring series (e)
View List report from CS&P now has pulli fields (e)
All default habitats for foreign places (e)
Body moult field hidden in list style captures data entry when not in Capture Fields (e)
Update ring series stats fix (e)
Fat method always enabled in Captures (e)
Set fat score to null if fat method changed (e)
Set submission version to 3.30 (e)
Import RDF files from B-Ring 3.30 (f)
Fixed SQL in code in Captures form (g)
Check Finder address format in Finder form. (g)
Fixed new installation problems (h)
Added OS Map to Places form and Registered sites report (i)
Long path names in Options form (j)
Subscribe to YahooGroups, Email IPMR advisors and debug files from File menu (j)
Warning of two attachments for MAPI (j)
Overwrite on Import Captures fixed (j,k)
Unique key on scheme, ring and date in Captures table (j)
CS&P delete record based on Captures Key (j)
Submission observations validation failures handled without error (j)
Submission by year (captures and NRC) fixed (j)
IsInteger routine added widely to fix some validations (replacing isnumeric) (j)
Added Record Selectors to Ring Series form (j)
Finder combo list based on Observers and previous entries (k)
PLNAME and TEXT fields checked for G_Display characters (k)
Record number being processed displayed on status bar for Captures Submission (k)
Changed Backup process to try and fix "permissions problem" (l)
Fixed compile error in IPMRControl (m)
RAS form saves definition when reporting buttons pressed (n)
RAS form extra button to add all subsites plus warning message about including subsites (o)
Fixed erroneous two attachments warning for MAPI email when only one attachment is present (p)
Backup process now just provides warning rather than detaching database and retrying (p)
Email debug files function now Zips two files into single Zip file to avoid multiple attachments restriction of MAPI (p)
Registered Site Code added as reporting and querying field in Captures Selection and processing and Report Manager (p)
Additional Text field validation on data entry (q)
Nest Summary sort order to include Box and Subsite (q)
"dd/mm/yyyy" filled into SQL Helper for date fields for clarity (q)
Colour Markid display for Other Metal Ring can now see inscription (q)
Additional support for Win-Ring v2 (q)
Error on import if " erroneously in import field (r)
Places report with species totals in CS&P (r)
Fixed setting Email option to 'none' (r)
PRIML field fixed in Captures Submission (r)
Filecopy changed to Windows CopyFile in IPMRBackup database (r)
'Ring' label made invisible in Colour Marks form (r)
Enable circumstance field on Observations when form is opened and Find field already has value (r)
Changed error handling message to direct error reports to IPMR Advisors (r)
Captures Submissions: declaring the recordset within a procedure rather than a module and also to import every IPMR database object into a new database (r)
Removed 100 character restriction on creating MAPI based emails (r)
IPMR v2.01 (pilot) (DB version 1.31)
Change date autorepeat fixed (a)
Autorepeat of biometric methods fixed (a)
Capture reports species header fixed for redpoll sp (a)
Null line in CES report fixed (a)
Copy Multiple takes last ring to be copied-to as argument (a)
Removed references to View Captures form in error messages (b)
Fixed captures attach SQL in Nest records (b)
Output To function re-written and enhanced (b)
Delete Capture from Capture Selections and Processing now also deletes and Colour marks (b)
Can now change ring number in Edit Captures form from Captures Selection and Processing (b)
Added Comment field for Captures and Nest Record Submission history (c)
updated the series split, merge & delete forms to stop changing the series between the checking step and the update step (d)
Changed initials' fields setting when editing capture record (e)
Ring Costs report subtotalled by ring size (f)
Annual capture totals now selectable using person ring series allocated to (f)
Hardcopy schedules can be printed as a report from Own ring Series (f)
Changed Exit button to Save & Exit where appropriate (g)
Fixed YE Totals report and file repeat rows and missing totals row (g)
Hidden form that flashes up when using Edit Captures (h)
Registered site codes accepted attribute added (h)
Fixed external validation of *DEST records (i)
Fixed SQL error when deleting captures (i)
Fixed erroneous message when using SQL helper (i)
Fixed date error in SQL helper (i)
Made Altitude optional in Place details (i)
Added BirdId to cross tabulation field list (i)
Added three new, cross year, nest records reports (i)
Import Captures Wordwrap caused by email fixed during import (i)
RAS site selection changes to make it easier and more flexible (i)
New nest reports amended and some made available from NS&P (j)
Added header line to Import reject file for CSV files (j)
Upper case translate fields in Control import (k)
Fixed Show secure place name (k)
Form setup date set to current year value (k)
Fixed import of recoveries and first ringing details (k)
Autorepeat inactivated if field not visible (k)
Added lat/long in degrees to exports (k)
Fixed behaviour of Act2 when editing captures and enabled autorepeat (k)
Added Act2 and Method to View List report (k)
Last ring used only set for Captures data entry (k)
Captures Form style data entry fixed (L)
Initial Observations function introduced (L)
Import Observers and Subsites fixed (L)
Sorting changed for CS&P and NS&P (L)
Trial Observations function (L)
Fixed captures form style startup error (m)
Captures consistency report now lists all captures of a bird which has inconsistency (n)
Enhanced confidential captures submission to print only relevant sheets (o)
Registered site code accepted field included in Control import/export (o)
Fixed error handling if invalid SQL added in CS&P (p)
Added Ringers' Email Address to Owner form & Captures Submission (p)
Nest Record form enhanced support extended species list (q)
Fixed sort order in Submissions History (q)
Enhancement of Import Captures to handle files edited by editor that removed carriage returns from file (q)
Option to customise form background colours and function buttons (q/r)
Fix error in installation of new upgrade (r, 10/3/02)
Increased field widths for Consistency report (s)
Detach and re-attach database if problems on backup (t)
MAPI email interface for submissions (t, 22/3/02)
Capability to save SQL statements from CS&P (v)
Reference Options moved to database (v)
Reworked movements and recoveries reports into recaptures report (v)
New Setup Option to set Captures data entry tab cycle action (w)
Converted IPMR97.REF file into Jet database (w)
IPMR v2.00 (pilot) (DB version 1.19)
Support for High tide time, Fat method and Sample fields for Captures data entry
Support for Finder information for recovery record when finder is not the ringer e.g. found dead by neighbour
Colour Ring codes can be entered directly from Captures Data entry form
Select fields for export from Captures Selection and Processing
Captures and Nest Record Card forms do not (unexpectedly) move to next record when pressing Tab key from last field Previous and Next records when adding New Nests
Schedule 1 nest visits reporting Single tabbed Options form
Support for non-BTO (foreign) ringing under special licence Option to have own default method for biometrics Jet 3.5 service pack 3 upgrade (b)
Edit capture record now finds correct record even if up to 28 recapture records for same bird (c)
Can change record type from N to R in Nest Record Captures data form (c)
List style Captures entry form full list for Observer and wing measurer's initials now works (c/e)
Import Captures on bypass error failed to set record type when finds retrap/control wrongly set (c)
Estimate hatch date error under some circumstances (c)
Show co-ordinates in Other's Places when in southern hemisphere (c)
Use of Windows Folder browse and File Open/Save for a number of functions (c)
Added Access 97 Report Manager (d/e)
and then removed it (g)
Fixed Import Captures (f)
Added IPMR Overview to Windows Start> Programs menu (h)
Corrected Submission file version to 3.20 (h)
RAS Captures report error (i)
Initials/ Winginit setting and changes (j)
Fixed tab order for Captures forms (j)
Submission Processing for email and diskette (j)
Imports recording and import field in Captures table (j)
MySendKeys function introduced to avoid Numlock being reset (j)
Ring series usage report minor fix (j)
Fixed import of RDF file with variable length user field(s) (j)
Fixed import of WING5 measurements (j)
Sexing method codes for Activity and DNA added (j)
Fixed import of Submission file with Fat Score Method (j)
New ring series report to create field sheet (k)
Fixed validation of ring number to stop . and - being used (l)
Fixed validation of Grid Ref. field on Places form (l)
Next button on Nest boxes screen stops at last box (l)
Fixed NRCSubm error (l)
parsevarnull changed to binary compare to improve performance (l)
Introduced tLookup to improve performance of Captures queries in particular (l)
Option to warn of no New bird record when entering retrap (l)
Captures Movement report displays all non zero distance recaptures from Captures Selection and Processing (l)
Place totals report error on selecting a Place (m)
Added scientific name and Sibley Monroe species codes and ability to export these fields with capture records (forces database upgrade) (n)
Site setting in captures form error introduced in release l now fixed (n)
Fixed SQL Helper for uncommon fields (o)
Fixed co-ordinates display when creating foreign Other's Place (p)
Tarsus Method "name not found in collection" error (q)
Ring number shown on colour ring details (q)
Revisions to nest status code relationships with nest status (q)
Added provisional Sex for data entry and import (q)
Changed linking Key between Captures, Capture Details and Capture NRC to CapturesKey from BIRDID/DTE to avoid referential integrity issues. (r)
Confidential Country codes not being set for new or changed passwords (r)
Data fix to remove Finding Condition and Circumstance from new bird records (s)
Enable sex method field to be enabled when entering sex in Age field (s)
More flexible check about whether Capture details can be viewed from Captures Selection and processing when SQL window is open(s)
Set regional Settings Short Date format for IPMR session if not correctly set (s)
Import Places no longer set some Habitats to " 0" (s)
Fix Habitats set to " 0" and Find and Circumstance values set when Rtype = N (s)
Application title includes database name (s)
Places delete now includes subsites (s)
Submission flag moved to end of row in List form (from header) (s)
Consistency checking in captures data entry and as report across whole database (s)
Added Report Manager (t)
Some Captures Reports added to Capture Selection and Processing (u)
Submission Flag added to fields for Captures Set Field (u)
Fixed redpoll sp year end totals (u)
View List captures report has new Entry order option (u)
Fixed validation of Colour marks (u)
Fixed skipping of some fields on Captures Entry (u)
Enhanced age consistency checking (v)
Upgrade from 1.10n+ fixed (v)
Ability to stop part way through a Copy Multiple captures (w)
Fixed nest year upgrade for 1.10n upgraders (x)
Rename Nest Subsites even if used for nests or nest boxes (y)
Fixed errors in Schedule 1 report (y)
Fixed Captures reports for redpoll sp (y)
IPMR v1.11 (DB version 0.86)
Added Ringers' Email Address to Captures Submission (a)
Nest Record form enhanced support extended species list (a)
Fixed ringsize warning on CaptMultiple (d)
Sexing method allowed for RType = O (f)
Pulli alive and ringed now retrap aware (g)
Report Manager fix for printing general protection fault (g)
Trim Tail fork value in submission (h)
Capture submissions sort order changed to correct sequence (h)
Removed debug statement from Import Captures from release i (j)
Tail length permitted to 0.5mm precision (k)
Import Project field correctly for records without project (L)
Fixed auto-repeat for Wing Measurer’s Initials (m)
IPMR v1.10 (DB version 0.85)
New general release Enable CES submission for two years without leaving form (d)
Can change record type from N to R in Nest Record Captures data form (e)
List style Captures entry form full list for Observer and wing measurer's initials now works (e)
Import Captures on bypass error failed to set record type when finds retrap/control wrongly set (e)
Estimate hatch date error under some circumstances (e)
Show co-ordinates in Other's Places when in southern hemisphere (e)
Ring series usage report minor fix (f)
Fixed import of RDF file with variable length user field(s) (f)
Fixed import of WING5 measurements (f)
Sexing method codes for Activity and DNA added (h)
Fixed import of Submission file with Fat Score Method (h)
Fixed validation of ring number to stop . and - being used (i)
Fixed validation of Grid Ref. field on Places form (i)
Tarsus Method "name not found in collection" error (j)
Ring number shown on colour ring details (j)
Revisions to nest status code relationships with nest status (j)
Confidential Country codes not being set for new or changed passwords (l)
Better error messages if date formats incorrect on IPMR startup (m)
Import Places no longer set some Habitats to " 0" (n)
Fix Habitats set to " 0" and Find and Circumstance values set when Rtype = N (n)
Fixed validation of Colour marks (p)
Fixed skipping of some fields on Captures Entry (p)
Fixed redpoll sp year end totals (p)
Delete Capture from Capture Selections and Processing now also deletes and Colour marks (q)
Change date autorepeat fixed (q)
Capture reports species header fixed for redpoll sp (q)
Fixed YE Totals file missing totals row (r)
Fixed external validation of *DEST records (s)
Fixed SQL error when deleting captures (t)
Fixed erroneous message when using SQL helper (t)
Fixed import of recoveries and first ringing details (u)
Autorepeat inactivated if field not visible (u)