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If you already have the IPMR System Environment installed (from diskette, CD or by download) then you can download the latest release of IPMR as a self extracting file which you execute to install into your IPMR directory: IPMR release v1.2.2 (26/02/2004; complete 2.5MB).

If you wish to install IPMR for the first time or re-install onto a new PC or disk drive then you can download the Complete IPMR System (at release 1.2.2; 5.5MB) .

After downloading the upgrade, if you have already been using IPMR, re-boot your PC as Windows keeps some information in memory.
To download the full IPMR release click on the link on this page. This should then give you an option to save the file. You should set the saving location to Desktop.
You should then Open (execute) the downloaded file. From the Windows desktop either double-click the file name or click the right-hand button the file name and select Open from the shortcut menu. You should take the option to overwrite the existing application files. If using diskettes then you should start with Disk 1 and then follow the instructions.
The IPMR upgrade must be installed into the IPMR Application directory. This was selected when IPMR was first installed and is c:\ipmr by default.
IPMR Upgrade
The new release will usually require a database upgrade. To do this you should then use the IPMR Installation & Maintenance program to upgrade your database(s) to the new database version associated with the new release.