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IPMR has two Yahoo e-mail groups. These are:
btoipmr : for information on upgrades and problems from the BTO and programmer.
IPMRForum: for anyone to share ideas, questions and answers about IPMR (not about ringing generally)
Users can register themselves for the e-mail groups. The Yahoo eGroups allow users to receive e-mails (directly or as a daily digest) and to visit the eGroup web site for information. IPMR users can register and un-register themselves from the Yahoo eGroups by sending blank emails to the following email addresses:
If you are already, or are happy to be, a Yahoo member then you can join the groups through the Yahoo website.
There may from time to time be pilot versions available for IPMR which are supported via there own e-mail group. The names of these groups, if in existance, will be shown elsewhere on this web site.