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IPMR v2.2


IPMR version 2 is based on a 32-bit version of Microsoft Access. It requires a more powerful PC (300MHz/64MB RAM or better) than IPMR v1.2, but will handle databases of more than 200,000 capture records. IPMR v2.2 also has many functional enhancements over IPMR v2.1.

If installing IPMR v2.2 for the first time (even if upgrading from v2.1) then you will need to download the full release. An Installation and Upgrade guide should be referred to. The upgrade for existing IPMR v2 users is greatly simplified when compared with previous versions.

Please refer to the IPMR Function and Release History for a detailed list of changes.


New installation or IPMR or upgrade from IPMR v1 requires the IPMR full release (complete 20MB)

Upgrade from IPMR v2.0 or v2.1 requires the IPMR upgrade (10MB)

Upgrade from previous IPMR v2.2 modification levels using the IPMR v2.2 upgrade (7MB)


IPMR v2.2 is currently in pilot. To join the pilot you must join the IPMR22 YahooGroup:


Click here to join IPMR22
Click to join IPMR22


The existing version of Win-Ring v2 supports B-Ring, IPMR v1 and IPMR v2.

Non BTO UK use
IPMR v2.1 supports non BTO UK use. IPMR v2.2 is not yet available for non BTO UK use. The software is not freely available, but requests for its use will be considered. A contribution towards software development costs will be requested. Two files are required to enable this function: your own reference data database (0.43) [check that this is the same level as above before downloading an IPMR release] and a licence file. The latter is provided directly by the program author. Please use the Contact form for any request.